Group Of Companies

    •   Saboo Computers Pvt. Ltd.

    • Behind every successful company, is a group of very satisfied customers. At Saboo Computers, this is achieved through regular innovation and improvement upon existing service levels; so as to always provide the best possible attention to our customers. For to all of us here at Saboo, nothing matters more than our customers’ continued interest and faith.


  •   Saboo E-Solution Pvt. Ltd.

    Saboo e-solution is focused to face the challenges in the field of accounting profession through innovations. Our objective is to enable our customers move up the risk-reward curve by providing them the benefits of outsourcing while effectively managing and mitigating risks associated with off-shoring based on our experience and process management skills.

    No wonder our customers trust us. We believe in building long and deep relationships with our clients, and we view ourselves as a strategic extension of their capacity and not as an external agency. We offer our clients outsourcing services at low cost, thus helping them reduce their costs drastically. Our clients increase their return on investment by joining hands with us in this endeavor.

    However, we are not just another BPO organization. We work with our clients to establish working models and improve the existing processes. We not only provide solutions but also use technology to push our limits and boundaries. We believe that by combining our strengths and harnessing the power of technology, we can build a mutually rewarding relationship with our clients.

  • Saboo Computer has a largest retail chain in West Bengal.