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Laptop Care Services

We are a one-stop-shop for all your laptop repair needs! Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals ensure that you go back home with your device in a great working condition. High quality of service is our promise and we ensure that you get the most value for money in Kolkata, India.

Microscopic View

A microscopic view is necessary for micro-soldering. A clear sight through the entire environment is very essesntial. At the time of repair, all our laptops are viewed under the microscope to identify the necessary problem that needs to be solved. A microscopic view is essential to see the behaviour of tiny chips and components while encountering any kind of soldering process.

Motherboard Repair/ Replacement

The motherboard is a complicated peice of circuitry which forms the main hub of your computer. Qualified technicians with well-equiped instruments are available to repair/replace your motherboard at Saboo Computers – Laptop Care. Apart from all the major laptop brands, but we also specialize in Macbook motherboard repair/replacement.

Screen Repair/ Replacement

Even though you buy laptop from the best brands, unforseen circumstances can cause the screen to crack, go blank or develop some other problem. Regardless of the issue, you can depend on Saboo Computers-Laptop Care to repair/replace it by efficient technicians. We offer end-to-end solutions and will be able to repair/replace the screen in no time.

Hardisk Repair / Replacement

Incase your hardisk has got corrupted, facing problems like disappearing files, computer freezing or corrupted data , you are at the best stop. Our technical support at Saboo Computers-Laptop Care will provide you with your external device repair/replacement.

Integrated Circuits

An intergrated circuit is a small chip that functions an oscillator amplifier, microprocessor or a computer memory. Here at Saboo Computers-Laptop Care we provide reliable integrated units for easy replacement and recovery operations.


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